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Uttara grew up in Livingstone, a tourist town in Zambia. She has travelled and lived in a number of countries. It was in South African during her university studies that Uttara met Bhavik. This is where a long-time friendship led to something more, and they became closer as time went on. By the time they were eventually married they had both subscribed to healthy living and wholesome organic eating as a foundational life principle.

Uttara has a wealth of business acumen and financial expertise gained through working for well-known and respected global and local consultancies. She is currently employed at one of Australia’s largest resource companies. She has qualifications that span both Business and IT, including being a Chartered Accountant. In recent years ... Read More

Uttara tried out hot yoga classes as a result of a friends’ recommendation and needless to say, she never turned back! It is not uncommon to find her saying how refreshed and revitalised she feels after a hot yoga session. She had never experienced a form of exercise that made her feel so amazing. With hot yoga, she was able to de-stress, sharpen her focus, recalibrate and connect with herself on a deeper level. It helped her combat the stresses of a high profile corporate job and constant travel. It was the perfect balance she required.

However, she still found that there was too much rigidity and lack of choice in the traditional hot yoga services available. She took it upon herself to improve on this and this is where she met Dr John Surie and the Fire Shaper team. With Bhavik and Uttara’s combination of experience and passion and the backing of the Fire Shaper brand, their vision is to provide a quality hot yoga experience by having a range of flexible programmes to suit various lifestyles. This also means having dedicated and passionate instructors who are genuinely engaging, who live and breathe the hot yoga ethos and who are empowered to improve the lifestyles of their clients. They look forward to sharing their love of yoga with Perth by creating a studio that will bring a scene of community, health, wellness, love, joy and friendship.
This is Fire Shaper!
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