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Kids Creche Featured in our Bundall Location

Get your morning started right with an invigorating, detoxifying, and life energizing Fire Shaper hot yoga class.  If you are like Natalie and Dr. John you may have your hands full with your younger children and you might feel a little challenged trying to schedule in your daily practice.  No worries, just drop in every Monday, Wednesday and Friday morning to our Bundall studio and take advantage of our Kids Creche program.  Our professional mum in charge entertains your little ones and keeps them safe while you get your sweat on in one of our hot or warm yoga classes.

Creche begins just before your 9:30 am class and ends after you get out and get settled in.  Enjoy your practice knowing that your little one is safe and secure just waiting for you re-appear refreshed and re-energized after your class!  Of course we are blue card approved and for a small $5 fee per child this could be the break you’ve been waiting for!


Thu, 15 May 2014

Posted by Dr. John


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