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The healing benefits of Yoga and how this helped me !!

Since the weekend, my right shoulder has felt like I have torn a ligament and haven’t been able to raise my arm outwards any further than a few inches with any movement creating incredibly intense pain.

In my defence I will say I am not a sook with plenty of broken bones and injuries from Martial Arts, Footy, Barefoot Skiing and more. I can honestly say this rated as painful as anything I have ever hurt in the past.

Last night was the worst and around midnight the pain was bad. I was desperate and could not get any relief either lying down, hugging pillows, walking or sitting or anything I tried and the Panadol I took simply never worked. I have to say I was desperate and feeling very sorry for myself.

I should have thought of this earlier but figuring this was an injury I never thought of the Shavasana Position that I love in our Yoga classes and find real relaxing. Anyway, I finally thought of it and with nothing to lose, I decided to give it a go.

I tossed away my pillow (very gently due to pain) and lay on my back in Shavasana using a pillow to hold my right arm down due to the pain shooting down from my shoulder causing my forearm and bicep to hurt like hell. I have to say lying in that position, the pain was not good, in fact, very intense and seemed to get worse for a while as I lay in the one position.

It took a bucket load of determination not to give up get out of the position, wriggle, tense up or simply give up but eventually I felt my muscles give a little and slowly begin to relax and after what seemed hours, I finally fell asleep. I woke in Shavasana this morning not healed but 90% better and have to say I am stunned at the result. I can function today which I was not confident of last night.

Thanks to my Yoga at Fireshaper Oxenford, I have learned a skill that has not saved my life but certainly made it bearable right now and I feel human again. i was looking down the barrel of doctors, physio and whatever so I am wrapped.

Richard van der Velde

Sat, 10 Feb 2018

Posted by oxenford


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