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The Fifth Core Skill of Yoga Mastery

Mastery is just 5 skills away


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Ah, the Fifth and final skill. The last little tweak you need for your practice to make it amazing and master your way into postures like an expert.

Here is the FIFTH SKILL with a brief description:

  1. ROTATION: This can also been seen as the art of SPIRALING or TWISTING. Spiraling is a movement that unwinds deep inset patterns in our bodies and it propagates the ascension of energy through the spine.

    Rotation by itself doesn’t seem difficult however, if you look anatomically at how the body works you could eventually notice that you may never have rotation happening alone. What I mean is, when you start to rotate you may also experience some element of one or more of the other 4 skills. Now, if you’ve been following these lessons all along you may have already been thinking to yourself, “I feel more than one movement even when I’m focusing on one particular skill”.

    The twist itself will often have another movement or more coupled with it. Actually, if you’re thinking about twisting of the spinal column well then it’s guaranteed that you’ll have other movements coupled with the twist because of the anatomical nature of the joints. Vertebral joints are not straight or at 90 degrees. The joints of the spine are all offset and hence any movement tends to couple itself with other dimensions of movement.

    Spiraling is an amazing feeling. You can expand and extend into a spiral or you can flex and deepen into a spiral. The act of spiraling makes space rapidly available to energy which enhances the movement of energy. I believe it has that effect because of how it couples itself with other movements. Hence spiraling can move you through internal and quantum patterns quickly. It’s an energy adventure…

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Mon, 13 May 2019

Posted by Dr. John


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