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The Fourth Skill of Yoga Mastery


Mastery is just 5 skills away

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Now, moving onto the fourth skill and similar to the third it’s generally a little more complicated to master. This skill is subtle and often causes one to feel more un-comfortable with one’s core essence than the others.

Here is the FOURTH SKILL with a brief description:

DEEPENING: This can also been seen as the art of COMPRESSION or CLOSING. Deepening is about looking within and then closing out the external stimuli and drawing further into our core both physically and energetically.

Deepening is a similar physical action to flexion but, it is much or full-bodied than the latter. Here we are taking our energy deeper to it’s core. As an example imagine the energy of a tree, bold and expansive. Now take that energy and compress it deeper and deeper until it reaches it’s physical size of the seed, of it’s origin. This is what you are doing energetically. Drawing the body inward in it’s physical dimension is very powerful and harnessed by every high level yogi, martial artist, and physical practitioner whether they are aware of it or not.
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Thu, 09 May 2019

Posted by Dr. John


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