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Option 1 Fire Body Challenge

What is Included in this Option?

There are 2 essential elements: Read More

1. 30 Days of Unlimited Yoga
2. Tracking of your accomplishments on our Leadership Board
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What are the rules and the game plan?

Some of the major guidelines are: Read More

1. Challengers can start anytime from now to Nov 15th
2. Complete a minimum of 4 classes per week for 4 consecutive weeks
3. Challengers may do “double” classes to make up for missed sessions in the week.

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What is the cost for Option 1?

If you have a package or not here are your costs: Read More

The cost is $130 if you do not plan to use your current package and would like to buy a package that offers you a better value for your increased practice. Read Less

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Can I participate in the OPTION 1 Yoga Practice Challenge and use my current package?

Simply put YES Read More

You may use your current package to participate at no additional cost to you. Read Less

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How do I register for OPTION 1 of the challenge?

Registration is simple... Read More

1. First purchase the Option online or at the studio then
2. Register with the front desk to have your name added to the challenger board. The Studio Manager will add your name to the challenger board once you are registered. Read Less

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How do I track my classes?

Look for the challenge board... Read More

Each time you come into practice simply mark off the appropriate DAY # of your challenge (ex: Day 1, Day 21, etc…) by placing an X in the correct box. Read Less

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Do my classes have to be consecutive?

Well, no they don't... Read More

Only the weeks must be consecutive because you cannot skip weeks. Read Less

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Can I do more than the minimum number of classes per week?

A little over achiever?... Read More

YES, you may do as many classes per week as you like. We do recommend that if choose to do more classes per week that you consult with one of our Fire Body coaches so they can advise you on proper supplementation to maximize your results due to the amount of classes you are practicing per week. Read Less

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Can I upgrade to OPTION 2 or 3 while I’m in the middle of the Yoga Practice Challenge.

We all love upgrades! Read More

YES, and, you must complete the upgraded challenge and adhere to those terms and conditions in order to be eligible. This includes purchasing the 30 cleanse system and completing that challenge. Read Less

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How do I get the coaching support?

Sometimes it's not what you know... It's who you know and whose on your side... Read More

Coaching support comes primarily with Option 2 and is much more abundant. Option 2 has the support in that you need to accomplish your challenge. Plus, those challenges have private access to the Fire Body Private Group where you can ask us anything! Read Less

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