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100 hr Flow Hot Yoga Training

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Fire Shaper’s 100 hr Flow Teacher Training Program is designed to give you the tools you need to develop both yourself and your skills as a Vinyasa Flow teacher or to fuel your passion and creativity in your personal Vinyasa practice. This program will define intelligent sequencing, precise and concise cueing whilst creating a harmonious intention throughout the class.

A Vinyasa based yoga practice focus is breath / body connection / Union. A Flow class is a steady dynamic flow of connected yoga asanas linked with breathwork in a continuous movement. The term vinyâsa, when broken down into its Sanskritic roots; Nyasa means “to place” and vi means “in a special way.

When practiced well this leads to a transcendental state and a feeling towards samadhi. This type of practice will leave you with longer lasting states of Santosha (contentment ) physically vinyasa based yoga improves cardiovascular health, creates strength particularly upper body, flexibility, toning the body, stengthening the core, detoxification and improved organ function.

Our 100hr Flow Teacher Training Program is registered with Yoga Alliance, the largest international yoga regulatory board. You will develop a strong foundation as a creative and intelligent flow teacher with this in-depth Training Program.

October 18th: Friday 4pm – 8pm
October 19th: Saturday 6.30am – 4.30pm
October 20th: Sunday 9am – 5pm

October 25th: Friday 4pm – 9pm
October 26th: Saturday 6.30am – 4.30pm
October 27th: Sunday 9am – 5pm

November 1st: Friday 4pm – 9pm
November 2nd: Saturday 6.30am – 4.30pm
November 3rd: Sunday 9am – 5pm

Total investment is $1500.00 (GST included).
Early Bird Special: Pay in full prior to  15th September, and get a $200.00 Discount on the total price.

Remember – places are strictly limited! A deposit must be given to secure placement. Email to training@fireshaper.com.au to secure your place now!

Over 10 years experience

Results that will exceed your expectations! Fire Shapers hot yoga classes are guaranteed to lift your spirits and set your tensions free. Choose from many of our class styles like BLAZE (Bikram), Flow (Vinyasa), Ignite (Modern Hot Yoga Fusion), Burn (Weights + Yoga) and others for an all around total body experience. Fire Shaper is the most qualified Hot Yoga Teacher Training program based in both the USA (NY) & AUSTRALIA (Gold Coast) providing you with International recognition and the opportunity to teach Nationally and Internationally!

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