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50 hr BURN SHAPE FORGE Training

Burn, Hot Yoga Pumped Up with Weights | Forge, Hot Yoga Amplified with Fitness | Shape, Hot Yoga Sculpted with Pilates

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Fire Shaper combined fitness fusion training course. Designed to exceed every expectation this course delivers 3 of the most powerful and popular Hot Yoga fusions to date.  We’ve recognized many opportunities within the hot yoga practice to evolve and level up. People from all around the world come to our studios to experience the diversification as well as learn how to fuse other inspiring forms of exercise into their hot yoga practice.


blends tried and true hot yoga variations with targeted weighted resistance. By increasing load bearing efforts you’ll quickly build strength and muscle tissue to adapt to the increased weights.  These synchronized movements help to isolate different muscle groups that you want to build and all the while using yoga postures to develop a new level of awareness.  Burn will allow you to build the form that you want without losing your range or flexibility.


weaves your favorite yoga postures with the precision of Pilates. Joseph Pilates developed a method to re-build a persons posture and strength through specific exercises along with detailed rules and guidelines. We embrace the Pilates method and teach you how to use these exercises and movements in conjunction with your favorite hot yoga practice to bring you an experience like no other. This class re-defines your shape from the ground up as your posture dramatically improves and your physical tone re-shapes and transforms.


amplifies your fitness levels to the extreme. To become truly fit you’ll need to coordinate your cardiovascular system with your musculo-skeletal system and then integrate that your mind and soul connection so that you may have a complete health experience.  The expanded awareness that hot yoga brings to the Forge system helps you to avoid injuries which you might otherwise experience in other types of high intensity interval training classes. Forge takes HIIT and refocuses it so that you get all the benefits without the injuries. Here it’s just you, using your body, with no equipment other than a yoga mat for the ultimate fit core.

Over 10 years experience

Results that will exceed your expectations! Fire Shapers hot yoga classes are guaranteed to lift your spirits and set your tensions free. Choose from many of our class styles like BLAZE (Bikram), Flow (Vinyasa), Ignite (Modern Hot Yoga Fusion), Burn (Weights + Yoga) and others for an all around total body experience. Fire Shaper is the most qualified Hot Yoga Teacher Training program based in both the USA (NY) & AUSTRALIA (Gold Coast) providing you with International recognition and the opportunity to teach Nationally and Internationally!

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