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Joeanne’s yoga journey has followed her from her younger years in dance and acrobatics into her professional life, incorporating many Read More

styles of practice along the way including Iyengar, Ashtanga, Vinyasa, Bikram and Yin. Approaching yoga as an addition to acrobatics seemed a natural progression at the time with the intention that it would help benefit her physically. Yoga improved her posture, reduced pain and offered an opportunity to develop strength which was essential.

Years on yoga has evolved for her, enabling her to switch off from the outside world, work and to get back to her inner-self. She now makes time to relax, recharge and restore the body, mind and spirit providing balance to a demanding career and heavy travel schedule. Whether she is at home or on the road, yoga is with her and she maintains her daily practice no matter the location.

Her practice is based on building strength through intentional movement and focusing on the breath to bridge the mind and the body. She believes that this awareness in the body develops inner wisdom and insight that allows mindfulness in health and happiness. She continues her studies by participating in various workshops, classes and courses from various teachers and mentors.

In our busy lives where we’re always on, always in demand and constantly multi-tasking, Joeanne looks forward to welcoming you to the mat at Oxenford.
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