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Being Limitless in 2017


GOLD COAST February 2017
BOND UNIVERSITY 3, 4, 5th February



If you were asked you – how do you want to EXPERIENCE life in 2017 – what would you say?

Same as life in 2016? Same as life is every day?


OR perhaps you know deep down you are ready for a change, ready to experience a new quality of life – a life lived with peace, love and deep fulfilment.


So often we are focused on what we want to achieve, the goals and milestones we want to meet, and we forget to nurture the state of being from which we live life. We do not consider how we want to feel, how we want to show up in our interactions with others and what kind of impact we want to have.


Despite what you might think, the reality is, your most valuable resource is not how much money you have, how many seminars you have attended or books you have read, it is not the size and calibre of your networks, it is not the education you have had, it is not your beauty or your physique….

Your most valuable resource is your inner state of being – it is how you experience and respond to life…

If you want to experience a beautiful life, you need to be in a beautiful inner state – sounds simple, and it is……but most of us have not made this a priority and so we need a bit of guidance and a direct experience of what this actually means.

That’s where One World Academy comes in – this world leading wisdom and meditation school based in India has been setting the standard for human transformation for many years. And they are coming to the Gold Coast in 2017 with their ground-breaking program Being Limitless.

Being Limitless will open up a whole new world of possibilities to you as you experience powerful meditations and practical life-changing wisdom.


So, how do YOU want to experience life in 2017 and beyond?

With great clarity, peace and joy?

With self-love and acceptance?

With vibrant wellbeing?

With connection and deep fulfilment in relationships?


Anything is possible when you choose to live in a beautiful state of being and One World Academy’s Being Limitless is the program to take you there.


For those interested in this incredible event Fire Shaper is pleased to have the opportunity to offer the program at a significant discount.  Regular pricing is $595 but if you use the code: ” fireshaper ” during the checkout then your price will be $450

promocode: fireshaper


Because we know how amazing this program is and because we want the very best for our community we are delighted to offer a special discounted price for our members. Discount offer available until 16th January, you can register for this 2.5 day course, including morning and lunches for $450 using our special promo code fireshaper.


You can FIND OUT MORE or register for the program here http://tix.yt/beinglimitlessgoldcoast

Sun, 01 Jan 2017

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Posted by Dr. John


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