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How to prepare for your 1st class

We have some very specific recommendations for you especially when you are preparing for your 1st class. Here's what you need to bring with you: Read More

1| Be prepared by bringing at least 2 LARGE towels with you. If you are a "heavy sweater" then bring an extra one to catch your sweat so you can take it home with you and wash it away.

2| Bring a large bottle of water with you. Keep it simple, just plain water rather than sports drinks.

3| Do you have a nice clean yoga mat? It's ok if you don't because we have mats in the studio to buy as well as rent for your classes. If you do then bring your yoga mat with you to use.

4| You can wear whatever you like in class provided it keeps you covered well. Just be sure that you'll be comfortable in your clothes when they get wet because you're going to sweat a lot and it's going to feel great!

5| Finally you might want to bring a plastic bag with you to carry off your wet clothes when class is over. After-all, you'll need to wash them so they are ready for class the next day! Read Less

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How do I improve my metabolism after class?

There is a saying "Do the Right Thing at the right time and get incredible results... Do the Right Thing at the Wrong Time and might even go backwards..." The best way Read More

to get the most from your hot yoga practice and maximize metabolism is to ensure that you take in the proper nutrition within an exact window of 30-60 minutes post exercise. Meal replacement shakes are recommended for this for a number of reasons. 1| The right shake will be in the correct proportions of nutrients to support your body. The ratio of protein to carbohydrate to fat will program metabolism and support your body. Too many carbs and you'll store energy as fat, too much protein and you'll feel tired and un-easy. 2| Many people have sluggish or compromised digestive systems which won't allow full utilization of the nutrients in food due to the poor state of digestion or assimilation. The right shake will be far easier for your body to breakdown and assimilate and some, like the one we recommend, actually contain special enzymes and probiotics to support your digestive and elimination system. 3| Ease of use. It's quite easy to make a shake on the run and that makes it much simpler to hit that oh so important window of 30-60 minutes post hot yoga class. 4| Stress less. Digestion is a stress on the body and so is exercise. Too much of a good thing still causes your body to react negatively. Follow us on this: You've just totally rocked yourself in a hot yoga class or the gym and it's time to quickly get nutrition in your system so your metabolism jumps up a notch. If you were to eat a meal that is tough to digest you'll be adding an additional stress onto your system and your digestion will steal energy away from other areas like fat burning so it can digest food. If you were to use a shake that is easy for your body to digest then truly your body can maintain energy to go towards fat burning and healing. and finally 5| Nutrients get in quick. Back to that problem of digestion and assimilation. If it takes 2 hours to start assimilating nutrients from your food then by eating traditional food after your workout you may actually miss that window of opportunity to support your metabolism. Remember, you only have a 30-60 minute window. By using a shake your body can quickly access nutrients and start putting them to work immediately.

We have a company and shake we like. By no means do you have to use them BUT... watch out! Most shakes get their ingredients from less than desirable sources and less than desirable countries. So, do you want your whey protein to come from a radioactive or over-populated, over-polluted country? OR Do you want your ingredients to come from Happy Cows that roam free, eat grass, live in New Zealand in "no fly" zones and drink glacier water? If the latter is your choice then copy paste this link: https://goo.gl/jRNZcA Read Less

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Water, Water, I want to re-hydrate...

When you do hot yoga classes with Fire Shaper you'll immediately notice that you're sweating quite a bit more than you're used to. In fact, sweat seems to even be Read More

coming from your toes! The practice is designed to really draw out impurities from deep within. After practicing for a month or so you'll even notice that you Feel Cleaner After a class than before the class. This is due to the deep cleansing effect of our system. To really boost your health you need to replenish lost fluids and minerals so that your body may use them to create the new healthy you.

We have our favorite but first let us tell you what to AVOID! AVOID drinks that are marketed as electrolyte replacement drinks that contain HIGH FRUCTOSE CORN SYRUP. Avoid these at all costs.

There is one more thing we want to mention before we give you our recommendation and that is to talk about coconut water. We love it, it's healthy, it's yummy, it has electrolytes and it's natural. Now, let's talk about the truth. It also has brilliant marketing! In order to get the levels of electrolytes you need to replenish your body's stores you would have to drink a drum full. Probably not a good idea right? Imagine the sugar you'd be consuming! The long short... It's healthy and yummy but, won't get the job done. We love it as a treat :)

WE RECOMMEND: We use REPLENISH. Replenish is a powdered electrolyte replacement drink that contains just the right amount of electrolytes, vitamins and natural sugars to kick your body back into gear. You can get it at our studio or save online by following this link http://www.nataliesurie.isagenix.com/en-AU/products/categories/individual-items/replenish-sports-drink Read Less

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Managing Stress

Show up to class! That's the first place to start. Once you get into the room let the practice transform your mind, let the practice open your heart and let the practice Read More

integrate your body.

However, stress is very real and it's everywhere. Even exercise is a stress. The key to a happy life is to get better quality stresses :)
Yet the reaction to stress in the body can be very similar even with better quality stessors so what can you do to manage how your body reacts to stress? The chemical reaction to stress is the release of a hormone called cortisol. Cortisol can be useful as well so, we're not trying to get rid of it but we are interested in adapting to manage negative impacts it may make on the body.
One of the best methods is through the use of adaptogens. Adaptogens protect the body and adapt to what your body needs now in response to whatever you are doing whether that is high intensity or sleeping. Adaptogens help you to STABILIZE and find a place of homeostasis.

Proper use of adaptogens will enhance your mental outlook, deepen your sleep, or wake you up to the world!

WE HAVE OUR FAVORITE: We use a product called Ionix Supreme. It comes in both liquid and powder form we find that it helps our physical and mental selves manage our day. Primarily we use it to increase the state of our health allowing our bodies to fulfill the job it was designed to do. You can grab some for yourself and save online by going to this link: http://www.nataliesurie.isagenix.com/en-AU/products/categories/individual-items/ionix-supreme Read Less

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Strong and Un-Stoppable

Oxygen is the key. The more oxygen you have in your body the stronger your cells will be and the more energy you will have. A diminished blood supply will cause Read More

your body and cells to become weaker and eventually die at a greater rate. So, how do I increase my body’s oxygen levels? Easy! Breathing and breath work will help as you exercise your lungs capacity and practice bringing in more oxygen but, and this is a big BUT, no matter how much or how well you breathe your oxygen levels can only increase if your blood supply increases! OK then, how do I increase my blood supply? Easy! We do it everyday at Fire Shaper in any of our 60min, 75min or 90 min classes…

Give it 6 – 10 weeks of Fire Shaper Hot Yoga practice and most people can increase their blood supply massively by 20 – 25%! With 25% more blood flowing in your system and 25% more oxygen combined with Fire Shapers deep breathing activities to raise your oxygen even higher you will immediately experience MORE ENERGY, SHARPER ATTENTION, and A LONGER LIFE. Fact is you are never too old, too sick, or too anything to become Strong & Un-Stoppable. Read Less

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