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The Third Skill of Yoga Mastery

Mastery is just 5 skills away



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Did you miss the SECOND SKILL?  click here to view itNow, moving onto the third skill and often one of the more complicated skills to master.  This is skill is subtle but, when its fully applied, your body and posture will dramatically change forever.Here is the THIRD SKILL with a brief description:

  1. EXPANSION: This can also been seen as the art of OPENING. Expanding is about growing. Growing into a posture or growing into a new stage of life. Can you see that this core skill could be challenging? Now imagine the benefits of integrating it into your practice as well as life.Expanding occurs in a physical way and an energetic way. Physically it feels a lot like lengthening except deeper and more full bodied. Energetically it is a subtle feeling that exists at a cellular even quantum level. Quantum meaning that our structure is referenced as an energy rather than a physical thing.  Master this core skill and you’ll more than conquer your next pose… Set the stage on a new you and expand into the world!

Catch my next post for SKILL #4 – coming soon

Tue, 07 May 2019

Posted by Dr. John


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