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Turn up the Heat with Fire Shaper on the Gold Coast

September 8, 2014

I’ve always loved to move and stretch my body into the craziest shapes you could possibly imagine. Luckily for me, I was graced at birth with a generous amount of flexibility by the dance Gods. At the age of six, I felt a great sense of accomplishment from the moment I could perform the splits at Southport Gymnastics Club. Following many after school hours of gymnastics and dancing, yoga seemed a natural progression for me to dedicate my God-given flexibility and agility to, and yes, I really do love it.

up dog 1
As much as I love to bend my body, I hate repetitive movements. I love to sweat during my workouts, and this is where Fire Shaper hits the mark. The studio practices hot yoga, where the postures come from a specific lineage in India. It embraces the concepts of health and healing by focusing on the breath, while performing special alignments in a specific sequence of postures that will leave you feeling refreshed and eager to take on the world. You know, that enviable ‘yogi-glow’? Although hot yoga appears to be a trend on the exercise scene that many people have tried (and failed), what keeps me returning to my regular Fire Shaper class is the fact that they use infrared heating. This relaxes the body, allowing you to ease further into poses, gently moulding your body like warm clay to heal your niggling ailments. It also strengthens and cleanses your body from the inside out, morphing you into a svelte and healthy yogi-loving babe.

bow 2
But I’m not that flexible; I don’t think it’s for me’ – this is a common statement I hear from many girls wanting to try a class. They fear their lack of flexibility will hinder their experience. I can tell you now that yoga is for everyone, regardless of your flexibility. All you should do is continue to practice regularly, and you’ll be keen to get your downward dog on in no time! There are countless stories of Fire Shaper’s members who progress from novice student to advanced yogi within a short space of time. This is all thanks to the helpful guidance of the knowledgeable teachers, who are all very beginner friendly (they remember that they too were a beginner at one stage!).

down dog 3
Fire Shaper offers many classes that guarantee you wont get bored and regret your membership. Ignite is their signature hot yoga class that’s set in a classroom heated to 40°C (ideal for those of us who like to sweat). Or you can try flow, which is their Vinyasa yoga class based on power yoga that leaves you feeling both physically challenged and mentally balanced.

pilates 4
The studio doesn’t only focus on yoga; their Shape Pilates and ballet-inspired Barre classes will leave you feeling sore (but wanting to hit the mat for more)!

barre 5
The studios floor is made of extra special rubber (unlike carpet or wood!) and is complete with change rooms AND showers for that post-class date!

change 6
If you’re eager to feel the burn with Fire Shaper, they currently offer a fantastic package of unlimited classes within seven days for only $25.00! To find out more, check out their website here – it’s jam-packed full of information that will give you the confidence to kick off your experience immediately. Namaste, Sassy Girls.

barre 7
Fire Shaper, 117 Ashmore Road, Bundall, Gold Coast, Australia, 4217, 5539 5375

original article brought to you by Chantelle: http://www.sassygoldcoast.com/fire-shaper-hot-yoga-bundall-gold-coast/

Sat, 13 Sep 2014

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