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Why weights + yoga…

To Gym or to Yoga that is the question…

Each have their own unique benefits for sure.  Working out in a gym using resistance weights has a profound impact on bone density and immersing yourself into your favorite yoga class well, that seems to do most everything else LOL (de-stress, increased oxygenation, improved flexibility, detoxification and more).  Yet, we know that working weights will dramatically change your muscle tone and body shape so how do you mix the two?

Great question! You can have two memberships if you like because let’s face it, your gym may not have enough yoga classes and certainly not the same quality of programming as a yoga studio and visa versa, your favorite yoga studio may not offer weight training.  Or, is it possible to get the actual results you want without having to go to both?  This iconic battle of decisions has been going on for many years and after carefully analyzing many of the benefits, the types of programs and most importantly discovering what the majority of students wanted Fire Shaper has developed BURN.  Fire Shaper has strategically placed our new BURN classes throughout the week to allow our clients to access themed sessions that combine Yoga with Weight training!

Whether you already teach in a studio, plan to or are looking to join the Fire Shaper team this training is for you!

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Sun, 09 Aug 2015

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Posted by Dr. John


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