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We are Open… Beginning 12th June 2020



Are U Ready?



Have you heard?

The re-opening of our studio is scheduled for 12th June!

WOW, we’ve all been through a lot and at Fire Shaper we’ve been working day and night to keep your hot yoga alive.

Many thanks to our FS team who selflessly dedicated their time to provide free online live classes during this crisis.

Moving forward, we Need Your Help.

The backbone of Fire Shaper is you, our students.

Can we count on your help to please share the love by bringing in your friends, your family, and even those random strangers you meet day in and day out?  As students start to fill our classes we will expand the schedule and add more classes.

The importance of our hot yoga practice now goes way beyond sweat and fat loss.

We need this practice to find the mental strength to persevere in tough times &  breathe life into their hearts instead of just living in their heads.

That’s what Fire Shaper can really do…

(well, I guess a little tone for our bodies too wouldn’t hurt LOL)







Wed, 27 May 2020

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Posted by Dr. John


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