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Getting Motivated

There’s a saying:
Easy Decisions = Hard Life
Hard Decisions = Easy Life

Once you’re in the room it’s easy right? Well, maybe not that easy but, it’s easier than doing yoga at your house… Getting motivated is an art… You have to learn what moves you, literally…

Which BILITY are you?
Is it accountability? Is it reliability? Is it possibility?

Will you be more inclined to show up if someone holds you accountable? If so try this, tell your friends your goals. By telling your friends they will hold you accountable because that’s what friends are for.

Will you be more inclined to show up if someone else is relying on you? If so try this, convince your friends to do this hot yoga thing with you. They’ll need you to get them out of bed, to motivate them when they’d rather crash on the couch and to steer them away from that bottle of wine and straight into a yoga class.


Will you be more inclined to show up if it’s about you and what’s possible with your body, mind and soul? If so try this, write down 3 really powerful things that will happen WHEN you make it to hot yoga regularly AND write down 3 really terrible things that could happen IF you were to miss out on your practice. Because we are all motivated by pain and pleasure so, if you plan your pleasure and forsee your pain it just might get you sweating with us!

Mon, 05 Aug 2019

Posted by Dr. John


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